Books, Talks & Articles I think are useful

There are many thousands of books, articles and talks on Leadership & Management, however there are a few key ones that I keep referring back to. I am therefore suggesting a few below.

"Why Should Anyone be Led By You"

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones argue that leaders don’t become great by aspiring to a list of universal character traits. Rather, effective leaders are authentic: they deploy individual strengths to engage followers’ hearts, minds, and souls. They are skilful at consistently being themselves, even as they alter their behaviours to respond effectively in changing contexts. In this lively and practical book, Goffee and Jones draw from extensive research to reveal how to hone and deploy one’s unique leadership assets while managing the inherent tensions at the heart of successful leadership.

Why this one? If you can get past the first intro chapter, which is hard going, this book is based on some great evidence from leaders in thousands of organisations around the world. Some UK examples as well from 2 UK based authors as many management books are from key American Universities which sometimes doesn't 100% translate.

There was a recent update to this book but it seems to be just a new cover and an updated introduction so do see if you can get a 'deal' on an original version.

See a 10 minute video of the authors talking about the book here:


as an interesting insight of how the authors became more polished as they presented about their work see this later clip:


There is a newer partner book to go with this one called "Why Should Anyone Work Here?: What It Takes To Create An Authentic Organisation" - I have not yet had time to read this but hopefully it is a useful as their first!

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy did a now very famous 'TED Talk' in 2012.

Why this one? Some great advice/tips in 20 minutes on how to shape your impact and influence in only 2 minutes a day.



Book: Amy now has a book out. I've not read it yet but hopefully it is a useful as her talk! "Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges".

Getting better results by reducing managers’ control over workers

Article with some interesting case studies of workplace re-organisation.